How to Play


Capture and defend the Oasis, HotSpring and Bonfire for bonus income.

The bonus can be increased with the capture point passive skill.


Each team starts with a commander and two sentries. Defeat a sentry for bonus resources. Last commander alive wins.

Select a unit and drag it to the left or right UI grid. At the start of each round a wave of your units is sent out.

You must have enough resources to buy the unit. Units may be sold at a cost.


Cast spells by drag and dropping them on the planet. Some spells require specific terrain.

Select passive abilities for unique advantages.

Frost has an advantage over Fire, Fire over Nature and Nature over Frost.


Upgrades, units and spells require a certain Era before they are available.

Unlock stronger attack and defense upgrades for your units and terrain.

Opponent upgrades are displayed at their base.


Advancing to each Era unlocks powerful Units, Spells and Upgrades.

A global sound is played when an era has advanced.